Thursday, 31 July 2014

Review: bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

I have always been really sceptical about products which claim to reduce the size of your pores. I had never found one which had any effect on my pores (perhaps they are particularly stubborn?). Anyway, I had read several glowing reviews for bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment but didn't really want to splash out on something which I wasn't very optimistic about, but I put my faith in my fellow bloggers and took the plunge... Happily I was proved very wrong! Even after one use I could already see an improvement to my pore size and my complexion, my skin looked healthier and felt lovely and soft. Now this is a product which I couldn't be without anywhere in the world.

Who knew that putting makeup on before bed was good for your skin? I was a little concerned that it might stain my nice white pillows but  that hasn't been a problem. There is also something therapeutic about putting it on. Using a brush which is built into the lid, you gently buff the powder into your skin.

You can buy bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment here and it comes in four different shades: Clear, Light, Medium and Tan. I use Clear but the other shades are available in case you want a little bit of coverage after your nightly cleanse (perhaps after going to the gym in the evening) and you can use this without having to worry about it clogging up your skin. If you do have fair skin and are worried about the colour match it's probably best to start with the Clear version as I have found that even that one provides a little coverage. When you wake up in the morning your skin feels softer and has a lovely natural glow to it.

A product I highly recommend!

Much love,

Sasha Monday x

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